Gwyneth Anne Freedman

Affiliate Leadership Coach

Gwyneth Anne Freedman has helped hundreds of women leaders identify their niche, expand their influence, cultivate their leadership presence, and break through into management and leadership positions. She has coached:

• Executives to increase their leadership effectiveness and sphere of influence, enhance their communication style, strengthen relationships and navigate organizational politics, manage time effectively, and articulate a long-term vision.

• Mid-level managers and directors to develop their vision and leadership skills, thrive in expanded roles, gain visibility for accomplishments, broaden their focus from department-centric to company-wide, and take their “seat at the table.”

• Individual contributors and technical experts to build a reputation as a leader, envision and lead high-profile projects, enhance time-management skills, create alliances with key players, and make successful career moves.

With a coaching style that clients have described as “open, positive, highly supportive, and empowering,” Gwyneth Anne draws from over 20 years of professional experience in companies ranging in size from start-ups to large corporations.

Gwyneth Anne has helped:
• An engineering manager get promoted to director
• A newly promoted marketing director increase her confidence and be successful in her new role
• A senior executive rebuild the team’s trust

Gwyneth Anne Freedman has made a difference for professionals in industries such as high-tech, defense, internet security, food, logistics, semiconductors, consulting, health care, and gaming. She has clients in the United States, Canada, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


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“Whenever I am asked to refer a coach, I recommend Gwyneth Anne Freedman. Over the ten years I have known her, she has stood out as the coach most capable of supporting emerging women leaders who want to advance and thrive.” Jo Miller, CEO Women’s Leadership Coaching, Inc.

“I found out where my true passion lies and what motivates me.”

“I am enjoying life with a 24 percent increase in salary.”

“I learned to adjust my communication style in difficult situations to better meet the needs of my staff.”

“Gwyneth Anne’s direction and support helped me to achieve two major life transitional goals.”

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