Get Smart About the Wage Gap: 10 Great Reads for Equal Pay Day

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Equal Pay Day 2018 falls on Tuesday, April 10. This date brings the gender wage gap into focus by symbolizing how far into the year women must work to earn what men earned in the previous year. Because women earn less on average than men, women must work longer over the course of their lives for the same amount of pay. More sobering, the wage gap is even greater for most women of color.

Women's Annual earnings Compared to White Men. Source: Business Insider

(Source: Business Insider)

No matter how familiar you are with the concept of Equal Pay Day, it’s always a startling and somewhat deflating reminder of the lengths women need to go to for fair pay. Simply put, we shouldn’t need a campaign for this.

As a symbol of how far women and minorities are “in the red,” we’re wearing red in observance of Equal Pay Day (and encourage you to, too.) We’ve also curated this list of our favorite negotiation articles to help you practice your bargaining skills and help close the gap for yourself and other women and minorities you work with. Yes, employers have a clear role in highlighting women’s work, paying them fairly, and closing the wage gap. But in this roundup of great articles, we’re focusing on what you, the individual can do, to lift yourself up. Not only in negotiating for a raise, but for negotiating a promotion, your assignments, workload, and more.

1.    The 5 Best Times to Negotiate on the Job

2.    Learn to Become a Fierce Negotiator With Our Latest Infographic!

3.    Asking for a Raise in the Age of #MeToo

4.    Ask Jo: What Are the Steps for Asking for a Promotion?

5.    My Favorite Salary Negotiation Tactic (That Recruiters Love, Too).

6.    Thinking about asking for a promotion? Don’t underestimate your readiness!

7.    Four Messages Your Salary Might be Sending About Your Competence

8.    Nine Things to Know About Asking for a Raise

9.    Know When to Say “No”

10.    Some thoughts on asking for a raise

Jo Miller & Selena Rezvani

Jo Miller is dedicated to helping women around the world advance into positions of leadership and influence—especially in male-dominated industries, such as technology, finance, and energy. Through her keynotes, workshops, and webinars, Jo shares the steps women can take to succeed. Jo speaks at leadership conferences, professional associations, and corporate women’s networks at companies like Amazon, eBay and Microsoft. Each year she delivers more than 70 presentations to audiences of up to 1,200 women. She has spoken in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. Jo is CEO of Be Leaderly.
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Selena Rezvani is a recognized consultant, speaker and author on women and leadership.  A knowledgeable human capital consultant, Selena uses workplace culture assessments to help corporate clients be more inclusive and welcoming to women.  She’s also the author of two leadership books targeted at professional women – Pushback: How Smart Women Ask—and Stand Up—for What They Want (Jossey-Bass, 2012) and The Next Generation of Women Leaders (Praeger, 2009). Selena has been featured in the LA Times,,, Forbes, and wrote an award-winning column on women for The Washington Post. Selena is VP of Consulting and Research at Be Leaderly.
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