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Selena Rezvani is a recognized consultant, speaker and author on women and leadership. A seasoned human capital consultant with Big 4 experience, Selena uses workplace culture assessments to help corporate clients be more inclusive and welcoming to women. Selena is also a noted researcher, having developed groundbreaking studies on insights related to women in the c-suite, millennials, managers, and negotiating habits.

Selena is the author of two leadership books targeted at professional women. Her latest book, Pushback: How Smart Women Ask—and Stand Up—for What They Want (Jossey-Bass, 2012), focuses on the unmatched power of negotiation skills in women’s career advancement and was recognized with an Axiom Business Book Award in 2013. Her first book, The Next Generation of Women Leaders (Praeger, 2009), profiled 30 “c-level” women, each of whom provided tools and information for young women to shape their own careers. Selena has been featured in the LA Times,,, Forbes, and wrote an award-winning column on women for The Washington Post.

Selena is Be Leaderly’s Vice President of Consulting and Research. She holds an MBA from Johns Hopkins University and an MSW from NYU. She lives in the Philadelphia suburbs with her husband Geoff and her five year old boy/girl twins.

Speaking Topics

The Art of the Ask: How to Negotiate Like a Boss
For early + mid career women
Gone are the days when negotiating was only for a performance review, job interview or the big pitch. Professional women negotiate all day every day—for better project deadlines, to resolve a standstill within a team—even to take their PTO. How can you make the most of these conversations—regardless of whether it’s with a direct report, boss, peer or customer? Leveraging tips from her award-winning book, PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask–and Stand Up–for What They Want, Selena Rezvani teaches you how to prepare for these daily negotiations, flex your style based on the topic or person with whom you are negotiating, manage tradeoffs, and get the “Yes” answer you need.

The New Rules of Teamwork
For early + mid career women
84% of employees are matrixed to some extent today-meaning they work on multiple teams daily. How can you distinguish your performance as a teammate, particularly when technical teams quickly form and disband? Learn 5 techniques for standing out as a “teaming rock star”-including how to set the example, leverage the “magic ratio,” and identify the operating mode of your colleagues. Demonstrate both your character and competence, and harness the collective intelligence of groups.

Plucky: 4 Strategies for Leading with Courage
For early + mid career women
Transforming yourself from a high-performing team member into an emerging leader can be a challenge. It takes strength, moxie, resilience, and courage – and the ability to differentiate among them. In this session, emerging leaders will learn about 4 kinds of courage: how to carve out a unique and valuable leadership niche, transition from doing to leading, influence upward, and prepare to take career risks. Participants design their own compass for navigating work with bravery and courage, even amidst chaos or conflict.

6 Powerful Strategies for Communicating with the C-Suite
For senior career women
What if the communication style that helped you become a strong manager or technical leader actually gets in your way-when communicating with the highest level of leaders, the C-suite? Through her interviews with 50+ C-level leaders, Selena Rezvani proposes actionable strategies on how top leaders most appreciate being communicated with. Learn to identify your leaders’ preferred work style, as well as the pitfalls to avoid. Walk away with an action plan to amplify your voice and influence upward.

Developing NextGen Women Leaders – Millennials
For senior career women
Millennial women are the most educated, ambitious cohort of any before them. There’s only one problem: many millennial women give leadership roles a thumbs down. To engage this talent pipeline, leaders must understand millennial women’s distinct wants, motivations, and needs–some of which are surprising.


“Wow! The response to your webinar with us has been GREAT! So many women have reached out with their thank you’s and stating that your training was exactly what they needed. Great job, Selena!” —GoDaddy

“Selena spoke for our Women’s History Month Event. She did a fabulous job and received rave reviews.” —Wellness & Prevention, Inc., a Johnson & Johnson company

“Selena is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about her work, inspirational and is one of the best presenters I have ever seen.” Countless women at the firm said Selena’s workshop was the best one they ever attended across our industry.” —ITG Inc.

“Selena’s presentation at our annual Women’s Initiative meeting was the most-well received we have ever had, which is quite an accolade.” —Duane Morris

“The content Selena provided was practical and most of all actionable. It was no wonder that at the conclusion of her remarks people were clamoring to buy her book.” —The Philadelphia Business Journal

“Selena’s presentation that left a lasting impression and sparked thoughtful discussion among us afterwards. I highly recommend her for any speaking engagement!” —L.E.K. Consulting

“Selena presented a webinar for PBWC and the feedback was fantastic. Attendees though the topic relevant and the presentation inspiring.” —Professional BusinessWomen of California (PBWC)


Selena’s presentations have made a difference at:

•American Bankers Association
•Duane Morris
•Duke University
•Institute for Career Advancement Needs (ICAN)
•Johnson & Johnson
•Kurt Salmon
•LEK Consulting
•Pennsylvania Conference for Women
•Procter & Gamble
•Texas Woman’s University
•US Department of Treasury


LinkedIn Speaker Series

PUSHBACK: How Smart Women Ask & Stand Up For What They Want


2018 Engagements

February 2 – Network of Executive Women – Webinar: The Art of the Ask

February 20 – Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series – Webinar: Speak Up and Lead

April 10 – GoDaddy – Webinar: The Art of the Ask

April 17 – Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series – Webinar: 8 Ways to Transform from a Manager into a Leader

May 3 – Microsoft – Redmond, WA – Workshop: The Art of the Ask

June 19 – Emerging Women Leaders Webinar Series – Webinar: The F Word: Failure

July 16 – Barnard College – New York, NY – Presentation: Self Advocacy

August 16 – Network of Executive Women – Webinar: The New Rules of Teamwork

August 24 – Össur – Phoenix, AZ – Keynote Speaker: The Art of the Ask

September 6 – AstraZeneca/MedImmune Women’s Summit – Phoenix, AZ – Keynote Speaker: The Art of the Ask

October 12 – PA Conference for Women – Expert Panel: Negotiation

October 16 – IWLC – Dubuque, IA – Keynote: The Art of The Ask       Panel: Men, Women, and the Readiness to Stretch


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