Build Your Brand

Are you the best kept secret in your organization?

Don’t be! In this free video series, I share 6 critical career missteps that could be putting a lid on your career advancement. You’ll learn how to identify your ideal career niche, attract high-profile projects, make your value visible, and become known as an emerging leader.

Video 1: Six Critical Career Missteps to Avoid  (5 minutes)
The 6 critical career missteps that could be putting a lid on your career advancement.

Video 2: How to Identify Your Ideal Career Niche  (5 minutes)
Identify your ideal career niche and maneuver into a role or a career path where you’re doing work that you’re passionate about, that plays to your strengths and is valued by your organization.

Video 3: How to Build Your Brand as an Emerging Leader  (12 minutes)
Create an effective brand statement that communicates your value and advances your career.

Video 4: How to Attract High Profile Projects and Make Your Value Visible  (17 minutes)
Take on roles and assignments that build your brand and showcase your value to your organization.

One final thought.
The best leaders cultivate other leaders all around them. Don’t be the type of leader who climbs the ladder then kicks the ladder away (and lets it land on someone else).

I recommend building a community around you that is supportive of your career and leadership goals and make it your mission to bring others up with you as you climb.

You can get started immediately by sharing this link to the video series with your friends, peers, managers, and mentors.

Take the lead!

Jo Miller
Women’s Leadership Speaker and CEO of Be Leaderly

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